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Crafting Meaningful Moments: Your Journey with William Hill Celebrant

Being a Celebrant is a huge honour. It allows me the privilege to help you fulfil your wishes on your important day. Having trained with The International College of Professional Celebrants, I am a part of a unique, global community of professional celebrants who support one another in their professional practice.

I am based in Nottinghamshire but also cover Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire, however I am happy to travel further afield and even abroad if you choose to have your ceremony away from home. Having lived in France for a few years, I love a good French wedding. 

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My services as a professional celebrant

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Vow renewals

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Naming Ceremonies


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Pet Ceremonies



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A ceremony befitting to you

Whether it be a wedding, vow renewal, funeral or naming ceremony, my commitment to you as a professional celebrant is that I will always make it personal and appropriate. I will listen carefully to you and will use that information to produce good humour where appropriate, cherished sentiment and those unforgettable stories that invariably create immense joy or bring a tear to the eye.

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About William Hill

I will strive to work closely with you to ensure that we get the ceremony right for you, a ceremony that accurately and truly represents your beliefs and your character to ensure you make the occasion unique, special and highly memorable.

With a calm and relatable personality, coupled with great organisational skills acquired over many years, I can engage with an audience through empathy, warmth, sincerity, humility and when appropriate, humour. 

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Helping make the big day stress free

My one aim as a professional celebrant is to help you through the process and take away the stress of the day by becoming as involved as you want me to be.

When you're facing a big decision, whether it be a wedding celebration, a naming ceremony or to commemorate a special person, just contact me for a no-obligation chat and together I know we can create something special.


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Make your wedding, funeral or naming day something to remember

I am available as a professional celebrant, but also if required, as a Wedding Day Coordinator (otherwise known as Master of Ceremonies), making your announcements and ensuring the day runs smoothly from beginning to end.

This gives you peace of mind that you can relax a little and enjoy your day knowing that your plans are being closely looked after, your guests hosted, your announcements made in the correct order and your suppliers (caterers, musicians, photographers etc.) are being looked after too.


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On the Day Coordination: Ensuring a Seamless Ceremony Experience

In this role I will be available on the day, well before the ceremony begins, with a written time plan that we will have agreed in the weeks beforehand.





Why choose William Hill?


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Personable and Appropriate






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