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Making ceremonies as unique as your story

I offer a range of personalised services to help you commemorate life's most meaningful moments. Whether you're planning a wedding, a vow renewal, a funeral, or a naming ceremony, I am committed to working closely with you to create a ceremony that is unique, heartfelt, and truly reflects your beliefs and values.

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Making your event authentic and joyful

I adopt a modern approach to celebrancy, and will always meet with you to understand what is important to you, and what kind of ceremony you intend it to be. As a non-religious celebrant and wedding day coordinator, I am here to make sure your ceremony is personal to you.

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This is your day! As your celebrant, we can hold the ceremony anywhere, so let's get planning!

You can plan it in any way you like, there are no set rules for a celebrant wedding so use your imagination to create something really special and memorable. Your wedding done the way you want it done.


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Taking the pressure off you

In addition to being your celebrant, if you wish, I can also be your wedding day coordinator and Master of Ceremonies, which simply means I will take even more pressure away from you on the big day. I will make all the announcements and coordinate the caterers, the musicians, and the photographer as necessary to ensure that you can relax and just get on with enjoying the day.

I will have everything written down on a time plan and I will arrive at the venue at least a couple of hours before the ceremony begins to make sure everything is in place. Booking me in this role will help you enjoy the day so much more knowing that your plans are being closely looked after.


Making your big day perfect

Naturally I will meet with you both and get to know you, we will have a number of informal discussions and work out exactly what you both want to achieve. The day has to be perfect so it's important we get the detail right. Your vows can be whatever you want them to be and delivered in any format. We will be in constant touch during the planning period and in the lead up to the ceremony.

Large or small, we can design your wedding your way. I am also able to tailor your big day to include wedding rituals if required such as Handfasting, Sand Blending or Unity Candle Lighting. As your wedding day coordinator, I can discuss these with you in more detail when we meet, and we can schedule multiple meetings if you need to make sure every aspect of the big day is covered for you.

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Funeral services

When you lose a loved one, life suddenly becomes a little harder and the thought of then having to make all the necessary arrangements can be both daunting and overwhelming.

With me as your professional celebrant, I will be there for you and will help relieve much of the pressure. Together we will make this important moment very special. I will listen to your stories, your special moments and the personal memories of the life of the person that you are celebrating and will create a ceremony that is both beautiful and unique, and accurately reflects the life of the person that we are celebrating.


Something beautiful to remember your loved-one by

My eulogy will be shared and agreed with you beforehand and you may wish to have a reading or a poem read at the ceremony which I can help you choose, in addition you will undoubtedly want some music played and I can support you with this also.

Together we will create a loving and personal ceremony that will make this celebration of life memorable. Arranging a full funeral celebrancy usually takes one meeting of a few hours.

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an older couple renewing their vows at a venue with two witnesses

Vow Renewals

Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other. 

Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary or simply want to express your enduring love, I can help you create a heartfelt and meaningful vow renewal ceremony. Together, we will craft a ceremony that celebrates your journey as a couple and looks forward to the future with hope and joy.

a mother holding her baby at a naming ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a new child into your family is a joyous occasion, and a naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate. 

As your celebrant, I will work with you to create a meaningful and personalised ceremony that welcomes your child into the world with love and warmth. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or a larger celebration, I will ensure that your naming ceremony is a memorable and cherished experience for you and your loved ones.

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Pet Ceremonies

If you are holding a ceremony for your pet, I will be honoured to share the day with you.

I can assist with pet funerals, and pet naming days too, helping to compose eulogies, and coordinate the ceremony itself if necessary, making it a day that will be treasured by yourself and (maybe your pet too), for many years to come.







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